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ENABLE ORIGINAL SOUND - Enable Original Sound is a series of video portraits that shows musicians performing, in real time, in silence and in their own heads, a piece of music of particular importance to them. The aim is to visually demonstrate the internal personal perception of sound, and show how a totally legitimate musicial experience may be possible without any physical music present. It may also confer a musical experience on the viewer. Please scroll down to watch the entire performance of the series.

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We Are Still Alone by Alice Hubble, performed by Alice Hubble, singer and keyboardist

Wayfaring Stranger (anon.), performed by Juliet Fraser, singer

A Song by Resin, performed by Scott McLaughlin, guitarist

Ruby, My Dear by Thelonious Monk, performed by Diarra Walcott-Ivanhoe, pianist

Last Word of Love by Belle Jar, performed by Ana Alves, singer and guitarist

Prelude from Cello Suite No. 5, BWV 1011 by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by Konstantinos Glynos, qanun player

Dog Unit by Dog Unit, performed by James Weaver, bass guitarist

Dog Unit by Dog Unit, performed by Lucy Jamieson, drummer

Dog Unit by Dog Unit, performed by Henry Scowcroft, guitarist

Mon Amour from Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo, performed by Bob Bell, trumpeter

Paris Street by Delmer Darion, performed by Tom Lenton, producer

Danny Boy by Frederic Weatherly, performed by Clem Lovell, singer

Flight by Cinematic Orchestra, performed by Ben Parmentier, drummer

Ba-Doom by Scrounge, performed by Luke Cartledge, drummer

Oppenheimer by Shattercones, performed by Neil Walsh, violist

The Swimmer by Alice Gun, performed by Alice Lascelles, singer

Adagio from Symphony No. 2, Op. 61 by Robert Schumann, performed by Jessica Cottis, conductor

Cavetina from String Quartet No. 13 in B♭ major, Op. 130 by Ludwig von Beethoven, performed by Steph Tress, cellist

Improvisation for solo cello, performed by Khabat Abas, cellist

Improvisation for solo guitar, performed by Bill Thompson, guitarist

Improvisation for solo turntable, performed by Megan Steinberg, turntablist

Excerpt from Clarinet Concerto, K. 622 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, performed by Heather Roche, clarinettist

Excerpt from Piano Sonata in A major, D664 by Franz Schubert, performed by Nick Walton, pianist

Milonga by Jorge Cardoso, performed by James Creed, guitarist

Touches by Leonard Bernstein, performed by Yshani Perinpanayagam, pianist

Never Too Much by Luther Vandross, performed by Dominic Myers Green, bass guitarist

Perfectly Obvious by Rob Marr, performed by Rob Marr, singer and pianist

Excerpt from Piccolo Concerto in C major, RV443 by Antonio Vivaldi, performed by Liza Bec, piccolo player

La Ritournelle by Sébastian Tellier, performed by Lizzie Ball, violinist

Guitar Sonata by George Holloway, performed by Sam Cave, guitarist

Divining by Anna Meredith, performed by Anna Meredith, composer

Moth by Burial/Four Tet, performed by Oliver Jack, producer

Birds of a Feather by Laura Loriga, performed by Laura Loriga, singer and pianist

Illegal Composition by Hardi Kurda, performed by Hardi Kurda, electronics player

SEIKOLOS by David Denyer, performed by David Denyer, composer

Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry, performed by Rosie Bergonzi, drummer

The Love Song of J Alfred D'Souza, by Freda D'Souza, performed by Freda D'Souza, singer and guitarist

Premiere Rhapsodie by Claude Debussy, performed by Pete Furniss, clarinettist

Une Barque sur l'Ocean by Maurice Ravel, performed by Fernando Yada Rodrigues, pianist

Windfell by James Weeks, performed by Mira Benjamin, violinist

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