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APPROXIMATELY TWO METRES - As part of the guidelines published by the government during the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is advised to maintain a two-metre distance from other people at all times. Those who have difficulty estimating two metres may find it helpful to use real-life comparisons. For example, two metres is the average height of a large Clydesdale horse, or an NBA basketballer. It is also the maximum range of the average garden snail in any two-minute window, the height of The Kiss by Auguste Rodin, and the distance travelled by a photon of light in approximately six nanonseconds. Of course, the above examples may only be useful to enthusiasts of zoology, sport, physics, and French sculpture. Accordingly, the following series displays images of everyday items found around my flat during lockdown that are approximately two metres in length, as a handy reference for those wishing to practice effective social distancing. Please use this guide responsibly. Now, wash your hands.

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